Monday, April 11, 2011

H is for Halcyon Drive

H is for Halcyon Drive!

The Halcyon drive was the key that unlocked the Stars to Humanity. Based upon the research of Dr. Rudolfo Samuelsen, the Halcyon Drive was developed by the Tanhausser Corporation after a research accident caused Dr. Samuelsen, his entire research staff, and his laboratory to vaporize, without an explosion. Dr Samuelsen's research was not lost however, and was quickly bought up by the Tanhausser Corporation, which had enormous resources devoted to propulsion, communications, and the emerging study of psionics and psionic individuals. Tanhausser's research on Ozminium samples retreived from a near body asteroid completed the final bits of the puzzle, providing the enormous energy required to power the drive system.

The Halcyon Drive was born on the backs of Dr. Samuelsen's ground breaking work and is standard in all current FTL capable ships.

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