Thursday, April 15, 2010

Battle Lore!

Battle Lore!

I have a posting up on the Lead Addict page of our Battle Lore with Miniatures game last night. It was great fun. and nice to see my legions on the field for a test run.

Check it out at :

Good post of it as well at the Barons blog:

Not much time to post this week so the terrain generation stuff is coming. Just gotta find time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Star Frontiers!

Star Frontiers was a favorite of mine when it came out. I bought it right after I got my Red Box.

"Wait a minute, I can fight dragons and be a hero with this one and then I can fight Star Wars battles with this one? Mom, pay the man."

Well, I still have only fought about 3 dragons in all my years of gaming. Huge, Fearsome, Smaug like, Oppressive, and Intelligent beasties everytime. And super-rare. As they should be.

And we never played Star Frontiers like Star Wars. It was far better than that. Although all the same tropes were there. Pirate and rogue infested star bars, dangerous space ports, smugglers and evil merchants, an omnipresent government you always seemed to be running from.

Ah, I love space opera. It wasn't all great. I never liked the background so much, and I always liked my Space Opera with a lot more Alien types. But I did really like the idea that heroes didn't have to have 2 legs and 2 arms.

So I stumbled onto the Star Frontiersman site about 6 months ago. Its a shrine and so much more for my beloved Star Frontiers. . Its a really good and faithful reproduction and reworking of the SF rules. Made with a ot of love and sweat and lots of time. Its great and the magazine is great as well. and its all free. If you want to play a great game and don't have the resources or your old copies, this is the place. I had downloaded all the rules, but had put it on the back burner while I immersed myself in LL fully. Then I read Eli's 'I See Lead People' blog post from last week and I have the fever again. . Also included on the site is the Knight Hawks Rules, the kinda rare Zebulons Guide, and the great Star Forntiersman online zine that is up to 14 issues now. All great stuff. Thanks Star Frontiersman for the hard work.

So I printed the Alpha Dawn rules and started reading again. In this day of hyper complicated, hyper realism, the simplicity of the system is a refreshing change. Its not 3:16 Battle for the Stars refreshing. Thats like a blast of super cooled air up the ol wazoo, but is great simple with a lot of room for playing. And a sandbox as big as the stars. and with the great products fron the Star Frontiersman, a whole bunch of aloen race add ons gets this even closer to my dream ideal for a Space Opera game - Alien Legion.

The old comic that would be so great to roleplay. So thats what I am gonna do, junk the SF background, kinda, and add the alien Legion stuff, and more races and bad guys. The Sathar, while they had a cool name, were never very intimidating. I always struggled with a super villain race that was a giant earthworm. I liked the race, hated that they had arms so they could hold conventional guns, just never thought they cut the mustard for a super menacing bad guy race. I must admit, the bugs from Starship Troopers, and their wargaming form, the Tyranids from 40k, and the hive from Aliens, always seemed much more manacing than earthworms with guns.

I was never a Traveller guy, but recently picked up a great rules book compendium that has book 0-9 compiled into one. I always loved the character generation system. 'You mean I could die in character generation, cool. Give me the dice." I will cob what I can from them. I also grabbed the fre Traveller Intro set pdf's that are available on RPG Now. And the Animal encounters book and the Patrons? book. Tons of great stuff in there. Just too much detail for me for a full time game. I will reserve judgement and will give it a shot, but I want a game, not a simulation. This is the death nell for me in an RPG or wargame. Too many rules and I quickly lose all interest. I don't want it to devolve into chart searcing. Play the game, not the rules.

As I gear up for SF, I will be working on my random generators. there has been so much good stuff written abou this lately, I thought I would add my noise to the discussion. I want to have a hex terrain generator (with fixed encounter and areas of interest) for my games and world building, that I think will be informed by real climate, elevation and environmental issues.

So next week(maybe more) is Wilderness Week. Thoughts on terrain and wilderness design.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blog Commandments from Mr. James Raggi

So I made my first post, reached out to my friends and said here it is.

Reached out to my online gaming group, and after the thanks and congrats, one of them said to go check out James Raggi's post on blogging just to put things in perspective.

I appreciate his comments and I enjoyed Mr. Raggi's comments as usual.

Here they are in short form. I shall post them on my sidebar.

The Blog Commandments, from the Apocryphal Book of Raggi

1. You Are Not Among Friends

2. Nobody Cares About You Or Your Feelings

3. You Are Making Yourself a Public Figure

4. Blogs Are Very Personal Things

5: English is an extraordinarily difficult language to master, and even native speakers are appallingly bad at it.

6: A lot of people have anger-management issues

I agree with all. And since I am confident, I will have very few followers, I hope my already thick skin will get thicker. Thanks for the insight Michael.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Post-Why?

Hullo fellow readers. Another first post on another blog. Well, I don't have that many really. This is a companion blog to my wargaming/miniatures blog 'leadaddict'.

I have been a hardcore wargamer for years. Somehow, painting toy soldiers seemed more sophisticated than roleplaying. I do love toy soldiers, but first I was a roleplayer. That was 30 years ago when I first got my hands on a Red Box of D&D Basic (my first real love), then AD&D, then every RPG TSR made, and a whole bunch more. We stopped playing at about 17yrs old. Girls, footbal, cars, and drinking. Fast forward through high school, college, single life, marriage, and 3 kids and a career. And lots of painting, miniatures collecting and wargaming. No wonder I was ready for some nostalgia.

It actually started with being nostalgic about music, iTunes, and getting any song I wanted for $.99. How cool was that. Hey look Rush and Pink Floyd, and Yes songs and albums. I remember when I listened to thi stuff. That was when I roleplayed. So thank you you internet and one search later I found a site called RPGNow. On demand pdf's of all my favorite old and new games, for a 1/3 of the price. Are you kidding? Wave of nostalgia. I wonder if my kids will ever be interested in playing...

So I have been focused more RPGing lately than Wargaming, and I have been obsessed with revisiting D&D Basic (Basic/Red Box/B/X or whatever you want to call it) and the Retroclones, especially Labrynth Lord, struck a chord with me. So I have been scouring the interwebs for nostalgia, info and more info. And what did I stumble onto? A whole subculture/industry focused on an Old-School Revival, be it OD&D, B/X, 1st Ed AD&D, even Gamma World and Star Frontiers. I was hooked. I have hundereds of bookmarks and  downloads.

So here I am. I am fully immersed now. I have created a new campaign. I have learned about the Old School Revival, I have gotten the retroclones, I have started gaming with my kids and my friends kids, I have a game blog for an LL campaign I am running with my best friend, blogger Baron Von J, called HRothgars Folly. . I started another one for 2nd Edition Gamma World called the Burning Wastes. . It has sputtered to a halt. A good lesson. And I am in a sandbox campaign the the Baron is running called Beyond the Wall. . I am also playing in the mysterious Chgowiz's online Google Wave game in his Dark Ages game.

Im in it man. and I love it.

So I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about RPGing the way I like it and what I want, and a whole heap of nostalgia too. I also wanted to talk about RPGing as a game, and a social event, and a personal thing rather than just a specific campaign, so here you go. So I hope you enjoy this blog, gentle readers, I have no idea what it will be about.

I am also a great starter of projects. So we shall see how this one goes.