Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Post-Why?

Hullo fellow readers. Another first post on another blog. Well, I don't have that many really. This is a companion blog to my wargaming/miniatures blog 'leadaddict'.

I have been a hardcore wargamer for years. Somehow, painting toy soldiers seemed more sophisticated than roleplaying. I do love toy soldiers, but first I was a roleplayer. That was 30 years ago when I first got my hands on a Red Box of D&D Basic (my first real love), then AD&D, then every RPG TSR made, and a whole bunch more. We stopped playing at about 17yrs old. Girls, footbal, cars, and drinking. Fast forward through high school, college, single life, marriage, and 3 kids and a career. And lots of painting, miniatures collecting and wargaming. No wonder I was ready for some nostalgia.

It actually started with being nostalgic about music, iTunes, and getting any song I wanted for $.99. How cool was that. Hey look Rush and Pink Floyd, and Yes songs and albums. I remember when I listened to thi stuff. That was when I roleplayed. So thank you you internet and one search later I found a site called RPGNow. On demand pdf's of all my favorite old and new games, for a 1/3 of the price. Are you kidding? Wave of nostalgia. I wonder if my kids will ever be interested in playing...

So I have been focused more RPGing lately than Wargaming, and I have been obsessed with revisiting D&D Basic (Basic/Red Box/B/X or whatever you want to call it) and the Retroclones, especially Labrynth Lord, struck a chord with me. So I have been scouring the interwebs for nostalgia, info and more info. And what did I stumble onto? A whole subculture/industry focused on an Old-School Revival, be it OD&D, B/X, 1st Ed AD&D, even Gamma World and Star Frontiers. I was hooked. I have hundereds of bookmarks and  downloads.

So here I am. I am fully immersed now. I have created a new campaign. I have learned about the Old School Revival, I have gotten the retroclones, I have started gaming with my kids and my friends kids, I have a game blog for an LL campaign I am running with my best friend, blogger Baron Von J, called HRothgars Folly. . I started another one for 2nd Edition Gamma World called the Burning Wastes. . It has sputtered to a halt. A good lesson. And I am in a sandbox campaign the the Baron is running called Beyond the Wall. . I am also playing in the mysterious Chgowiz's online Google Wave game in his Dark Ages game.

Im in it man. and I love it.

So I have a lot of ideas and thoughts about RPGing the way I like it and what I want, and a whole heap of nostalgia too. I also wanted to talk about RPGing as a game, and a social event, and a personal thing rather than just a specific campaign, so here you go. So I hope you enjoy this blog, gentle readers, I have no idea what it will be about.

I am also a great starter of projects. So we shall see how this one goes.

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