Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for BAR!

B is for Bar!

Everyone needs to get some R&R when getting done with that difficult run/mission/assignment/orders and needs to blow off some steam. Or a place to blow that card full of credits you just got. Or needs to get some intel on that local hightech gunner. Just head to your local bar. So here's a chart to help the DM let you know what kind of joint is available outside of that scrap yard you just sold that boosted trawler to.

What Kind of Joint Is It? (D100 roll)

01-17 Dive
18-25 Local Joint
26-30 Dance Club
31-45 Ethnic Bar
46-50 Racial Bar
51-60 Street Joint
61-65 Supper Club
66-68 Sex Club
69-72 Holoclub
73-82 Cantina
83-92. Nightclub
92-95. Luxury Club
96-97 Gangster/Organized Crime Bar
98-99 Fight Club/Gladiator Club/Animal Fights
100 Mega Club

Dive – A Dive is a low rent, lower class, dangerous place. Usually found in the back alleys, under basements, lower levels and in the seedier parts of town. Most dives are under 100sf big (avg 15'x 50'), a single owner/bartender, no waitresses, a long bar the whole length of the building with 3-4 small tables, and rudimentary menu of light (crappy) food and snacks. Dives are intimate and are good places to meet contacts, plan jobs, and gather local info. Dives also tend to be filled with dangerous drunks, drug addicts, and end of the roaders. Almost anything is available here for a price. But the quality and reliability leaves a little to be desired.

Local Joint – Local Joints are typical bars catering to the neighborhood where it is. Filled with patrons on most nights from the neighborhood, local joints are good places to gather info on local goings on and people. Ranging in size from about 600 sf to 3000sf, local joints usually have ample room to sit, booths, a long bar, a bartender, and a couple of overworked waitresses. They also serve local drink favorites and food.

Dance Club (sorry gang its late. I will finish tomorrow)
Ethnic Bar
Racial Bar
Street Joint
Supper Club
Sex Club
Luxury Club
Gangster/Organized Crime Bar
Fight Club
Mega Club


  1. This looks very complicated...could I just go to a real bar? Hehe. Just here from A to Z seeing what I can learn in order to impress my gaming friends. ;)

  2. Nothing to learn here. Move along. Move along.

    No really, thanks for stopping by.