Campaign Ideas for Icons

Location: Steel City
Date: May 17, 2022
World Background:  
It is 2022.  There is much to rejoice about for the fragile inhabitants of the glistening blue planet, 3rd from their yellow sun, in an unimportant solar system, in an unremarkable arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.  
The global economic crisis that wracked the world for two decades is over. Jobs are plentiful, wages are high. Cures for major diseases have been found and treatments are slowing eradicating major health issues around the world. Technology continues to advance in lighting fast bursts of innovation, followed by periods of application and trickle down to the masses. Cities have grown and grown and have rebuilt themselves from the inside out. Major wars have subsided and ended. Bases and Colonies on Mars are thriving and yielding benefits for those on Earth.
But behind the chrome and polish, humanity is on a collision course with its ultimate destiny. The rich are richer, the poor, poorer. As wealth stratifies itself, so do the levels of have and have not. The glittering towers of chrome and steel can barely see the dirt and filth that they rest their feet in. Corporations have risen as powerful entities, controlling the lives of their employees. Millions are forgotten outside of the ‘system’.
Resources are consumed at an alarming rate.  Brushfire wars erupt constantly and are over in days, with brutal consequences. And while science and medicine has advanced in amazing ways, it has also created its own problems: bioimplant shock, mutations, designer drugs.  And then it happened. Planetfall. On a freezing winter evening in North Dakota, a visitor errantly came to crash land in a ranchers pasture and forever changed the direction of the little blue planet.
Dubbed PFND, the bodies recovered were all dead, but their technology remained. Despite the best efforts of the governments of the world, and through intrigue, espionage, and naiveté the technology and story of the visitors from Betelgeuse was on the free market. Sold and resold, the technology and its secrets soon impacted everything . Anti gravity, navigation, materials, medicine, power, and infinite other impacts were soon in the daily lives of the citizens of earth.
Whether through natural selection and evolution, the insidious nature of biomedical advances, environmental conditions, or the exposure to unknown alien effects from the PFND event, an awakening of Mutant Humans is slowly showing itself worldwide. Fears, prejudice and riots has lead to many nations dealing with mutants as a threat, while others have harnessed their potential as difference makers for society. Many mutants have gathered and through agreement with the Government of Madagascar, have set up the first mutant nation on the face of the earth in their new city, Mercury, on the eastern coast.
It is a time of great change, it is a time of great promise. It is a time for heroes. It is your time…

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