Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blog Commandments from Mr. James Raggi

So I made my first post, reached out to my friends and said here it is.

Reached out to my online gaming group, and after the thanks and congrats, one of them said to go check out James Raggi's post on blogging just to put things in perspective.

I appreciate his comments and I enjoyed Mr. Raggi's comments as usual.

Here they are in short form. I shall post them on my sidebar.

The Blog Commandments, from the Apocryphal Book of Raggi

1. You Are Not Among Friends

2. Nobody Cares About You Or Your Feelings

3. You Are Making Yourself a Public Figure

4. Blogs Are Very Personal Things

5: English is an extraordinarily difficult language to master, and even native speakers are appallingly bad at it.

6: A lot of people have anger-management issues

I agree with all. And since I am confident, I will have very few followers, I hope my already thick skin will get thicker. Thanks for the insight Michael.

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